Ordering from Sarabecca


We ship orders from our workshop in Santa Barbara, California Monday through Thursday.  Orders received before noon Pacific Time usually ship the same day.  Shipping is free for all domestic orders.  We ship orders primarily via USPS Priority, which gets most orders to you within 3-5 business days.  If you want your order faster, you can choose air shipping for an additional charge.  Please let us know if you would like your order gift-wrapped.  We are happy to ship your order within the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska only.  We don’t currently offer international shipping.

Returns & Refunds


We accept returns for damaged or defective product, or orders that were not delivered.  Sadly, we cannot accept returns because you do not like the fragrance.  If you want to sample the fragrance first, we suggest you visit a Sarabecca retailer, or you can order a small vial sample of the entire collection for $10.00.

How are our fragrances made?


What makes Sarabecca really special is that we are able to make truly natural fine fragrances without any synthetic ingredients.  We use both essential oils and natural fragrance essences.  Our essences begin with a naturally occurring substance such as coffee beans or lemon peels (these are just examples, there are literally hundreds) and mix them with a naturally occurring botanical source material (reactive agent) to extract the desired fragrance note.  These essences are combined with various other essences and essential oils to create our beautiful blends.   There are no synthetics involved in this process.  


What to expect from a natural perfume.


Natural oils are much subtler than synthetics. Sarabecca is softer and less intrusive than fragrances that are not 100% natural. In a natural perfume, each oil in the blend will dissipate at a different rate. Part of the art and challenge in creating a wonderful natural perfume is working with the oils to create something that stays magnificent throughout its wearable life (dry down). While the character of the fragrance will change subtly from the time you first apply it until it is no longer noticeable, it will remain delightful and enjoyable. Natural perfume will fade faster than synthetics, therefore, you may want to reapply it.


What does the name Sarabecca mean?


Sarabecca was founded by Kenneth Grand, who has been making natural body care products for over 35 years.  Sarabecca grew out of his passion for fragrance and natural products.  Sarabecca is named for his two daughters, Sara and Rebecca.